Specialty Programs


Grades 10 to 12:
Portfolio preparation

I have incorporated into my classes an intensive program for those students interested in building a portfolio for either high school, college or art school acceptance. Those interested in this program should attend at least twice weekly in seventh and eighth grade for high school admittance and eleventh and twelfth grade for College admittance. This is necessary in order to have enough time to complete their portfolios. These classes are also very beneficial to those taking AP art in high school as I am able to guide them in choosing a concentration and in helping them develop it.


Grades 9-12:
Summer art travel program

For the past ten years I have been taking small groups of students to Europe as well as different locations on the East Coast of the United States in order to paint “en plein air” and to experience a total immergence in art. The workshops that take place in Italy and France involve site seeing and museum trips as well as drawing and painting.

*Tuition varies depending on travel itinerary


Art Intensive

In the last two weeks of August I offer classes per diem to seventh through twelfth grade students who want to take advantage of the open studio.

  • August Portfolio Open Studio: 7th–12th grade, College and Specialized High School
  • Life Models for Advanced Students
  • Private Lessons

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