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Student Art Show                                                             January, 13 2019

Featured Seniors

“A unique experience. Julie gives one on one attention being both my teacher and my friend.”
– Cary

“Julie fostered my love of art and helped me grow as an artist and a person.”
– Rebecca

“She made me not go crazy in high school and now I’m going to college!”
– Allison

Student Work

Lara Palombi • 8th grade • Colored pencils on paper

Lara Palombi • 8th grade • Colored pencils on paper

Molly Susman • 12th grade • charcoal

Clara Bent • 8th grade • Gouache on paper

Clara Curbera • 12th grade • water soluble crayon on news print

Cary Moore • Oil bars on paper

Akiva Listman • 11th grade • Oil bars on paper

Yarden Sopher-Harlick • 12th grade • oil on two canvases

Rebecca Harris • 12th Grade • Oil bars

Kasriel Linzer • 12th Grade • color pencils

Mia • 5th Grade • Acrylic and black marker

Alexandra Corbin • 12th Grade • graphite on paper

Alec Waxman • 12th Grade • Pastel and charcoal on tinted paper

Kasriel Linzer • 12th Grade • Oil bars

Alec Waxman • 12th Grade • Oil on Canvas

Julie Schwartzberg • 12th grade • graphite

“We bounce ideas off one another to work and enhance our artistic ability.”
– Alex

“At The Art Studio Workshop I have learned how to apply technique while still maintaining and developing my own personal style.”
– Serene

“Julie was essential in helping me develop my portfolio.”
– Clara

In the Studio and Travel

An unforgettable way to learn basic color theory

10th grader

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