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The Art Studio Workshop provides customized curriculums based on age and experience. I teach children in grades 1 through 12 as well as college students and adults, offering what is relevant at each stage of his or her development, working from live subjects, photographs and imagination. My classes are small so that I can focus on each individual. My students have the opportunity to work in 2-dimensional art form using a wide range of media including watercolor, acrylic, oil, pastel and charcoal. I also provide an introduction to art history in all classes.


Grades 1 and 2

These students learn to use diverse media such as water based paints, Cray-pas, clay and collage. Most importantly they learn to utilize their materials. The children are encouraged to experiment and to create within the boundaries of their assignment.

Classes have approximately 6-8 students and is taught by two teachers.


Grades 3 and 4

At this age, students are ready to learn basic drawing and painting techniques. They will work from still life and photographs  and touch upon perspective and color theory as well as learn about artists from the past.

Classes have approximately 6-8 students and is taught by two teachers.


Grades 5 and 6

Children from the ages of ten to twelve are ready to learn  basic and elementary drawing and painting techniques which are taught individually, based on the way each student learns. I encourage them to choose their own projects based on life, imagination and photographs. Even at this young age, I utilize peer critiques at the end of each project to help them obtain their best results. The children are introduced to the works of  many different  artists in order to inspire their own artistic process.


Grades 7 to 12

Students in middle school and high school are ready to delve into more advanced techniques, learning the importance of drawing as a means to painting. At this stage they learn the gray scale, basic color theory  and gridding as an exercise to breaking down the subject. I encourage drawing and painting from life using free hand technique. My advanced high school students are invited to take a life drawing and painting class with a model where they are taught proportion, gesture and contour of the human figure.

I provide my students with the best quality art supplies such as Windsor Newton gouache and Sennelier oil pastels and bars. These quality products help ensure  the best outcome.



I offer small group and private lessons to adult students at all levels. Students have the opportunity to work in different media such Charcoal, oil, watercolor and oil pastels. Students work on their own projects, from life and from photographs at their own pace. All adults are encouraged to take life drawing classes. Beginners are welcome.


Life Drawing Classes

Advance students who are in high school are invited to take a figure drawing class with live models. This is a wonderful opportunity for them to become familiarized with basic anatomy, gesture and contour drawing.

2020 Class Pricing
One hour class: $45
One and one-half hour class: $50
Two hour class: $65

Private Lessons: $100 per hour

*There is a materials fee of $50 billed at the start of the semester. We will track what you/your child has used throughout the session. If there is money left in you/your child’s account it can be used as credit or refunded.

Payment plans are available by prearrangement.

Class Schedule
Sunday, Sept. 13th – Sunday, Oct. 18th

9-11am (5th-8th grade)
1130am-130pm (8th-12th grade)
2-4pm (8th-12th grade)

3-5pm (3rd-8th grade)

1:45-3:45 pm (5th-9th grade)

I suggest class times to my students according to their ages and their levels. Missed classes may be made up in any of the above classes.


Please contact me for further information:
(914) 318-7092

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